Projects that we're currently working on...

The Heart is an Organ

The story is different than we thought when first conceived of this project. We thought we were making a documentary about a 29 hour continuous music festival called Bach Around the Clock. During filming though it became clear that the real story was not about the event itself but about the beautiful love triangle between a musical genius (Albinas), a lover of art (Manon), and the church organ that binds them. Without either, neither would be complete.

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Larry ragusa's comeback

Word on the street is that Larry Ragusa has a plan to get back his former glory as the King Cake King of New Orleans. This project is developing quickly (Mardi Gras season is right around the corner) and it might not even happen, but stay tuned here. If you're not familiar with Larry Ragusa, you can check out his previous work.


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untitled project

Evil Penguin Films and ShockMount Media are teaming up again to work on their first narrative feature film together. Written and Directed by Todd Voltz and Cinematography will be done by no other than David S. White. This work is still in the early stages of pre-production, but we will be attempting to shoot a pitch sizzle in the very near future... We'll update as soon as we can, as we're very excited about the possibility of this project.